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tv   News  ABC  July 27, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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rips through a home. sherrie johnson is on the scene with the latest. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i just tried to place a call to bayview burn center to find out about the person who was injured in the fire. so we are waiting to hear her condition. but for right now, we are here at roland avenue and west 41st street. you can see crews are still on the scene at this hour investigating. crews arrived at 3917 roland avenue to find the middle of the group row home in flames. 24-year-old amy miller was home alone when that fire broke out, and, again, she was taken to bayview burn center with burns to her hand. we are waiting to hear from the nursing supervisor to find out the latest condition. that fire started on the third floor in the rear of the building. the fire broke out near the st. mary roland view towers which is a senior living facility. folks living there were anxious about the fire because they were concerned and didn't know if it started in their
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building. here's what a man had to say. >> people here are like 70s, 80s and are with walkers and wheelchairs and we saw our building but when i seen the fire truck, i am like oh, it's down farther and it was sad and people were seeing there's fire in the building and different things like that. but luckily, it was not. >> reporter: so far there is no word on a cause of this fire and investigators are here still asking questions trying to figure out exactly what happened. and you can log onto our website at where there's a number of pictures and raw video of the fire here if you want more information. and coming up at 6:00, hopefully we will have more information on amy miller's condition. reporting live sherrie johnson, abc2 news. look at news around nation, incredible video of a 6-alarm fire at plastics plants in california. containers at the fairfield plant i go nighted sending a black plume into the air that could be seen for hours as the
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fire burns throughout the afternoon. despite how long it burned, the flames stayed mainly in the storage yard and no buildings were damaged. and neighboring business reported the flames at the peak hours flames were shooting about 50 feet into the air. a robbery caught on camera in new york jewelry store. see surveillance video from the brooklyn shop. police say the two suspects entered the store and opened fire on the owners shooting him in the body. then they took off with an unknown amount of jewelry. police are trying to track down the two suspectsch the store owner was rushed to the hospital but he is expected to be okay. >> i jumped off the morech -- porch and hollered at the gentleman and he decided to come back on top of me. we wrestled about and the altercation went to the street where i threw him down on the asphalt and lisa my girlfriend came with the baseball bat and it's him in choke hold and she started beating him with the bat. >> you do not want to mess with this man. he is ready to protect himself
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no mater what he he was wearing. when he heard the noise went to investigate but didn't put his clothes on. you can see the whole thing at his house. he held the man down until police arrived. the suspect is behind bars this morning. that was close call for a very lucky girl in north carolina. >> coming up, what she and her family said after the girl was attacked by a shark. all right. also ahead this morning, guys, it's time to fess up. we are going to tell you about a new survey and what it says that you care about in your relationship. we will explain. you watching "good morning maryland." hershey's bliss. one square inch of indulgence...
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now "good morning maryland." a 6-year-old girl and her family are telling their story about their encounter with shark that happened on the coast of north carolina. the girl was bitten last week in the waters standing a few feet away from her mother. but this morning, she is back home. lucy had two shark bites but today the girl says she foregives the shark. >> she said he didn't mean to do it. what did the shark think you
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were? >> fish. >> a fish. because your foot looks like a fish right? >> it happens. doctors figure in a couple months she will be walking again. fore feet out may -- fishy feet. you may want to dip your feet in the water today. good day to be outside in the water. temperatures in the mid-90s yesterday. it was so dry and the breeze kicking up and it felt chilly stepping out of the water. it's like stepping out of the shower. 73 in -- 73 in baltimore. 75 in easton. 64 up towards york, pa. uv index in the extreme level. and i am hearing from teachers this morning on facebook that are saying you know, most summer days are like hooky but they have to prepare for the school season in less than a month. oh, hopefully you can make the most of this. we have a clear sky this morning. storms actually southern
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maryland and off into the ocean we have mostly sunny skies. we are looking for 89 the two degree guaranteed high. the first time in a week and for the next week that we stay in the 80s with lower humidity. we will talk about the rampup of the heat. the numbers are not going to stay this way into the weekend. we will do that in a moment. now back to the road with tonya -- tanya. >> reporter: we are doing great i hope i don't jinx myself. everything around the beltway is doing fine. also harrisburg expressway southbound no problems to report. the jfx at northern parkway, no accidents to report there on the right side is the southbound traffic is heavier. no incidents to report traveling northbound. we are doing just fine around the beltway as well. top side and west side, we have volume building but no incidents to report. charley. >> a study might have ladies upset. >> absolutely. ask surveyed 70,000 men about everything and income as well and family and sex.
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47% of men surveyed said they would basically dump their partner if she got "too fat." i know. all the ladies in the studio are a little outraged. 34% of men surveyed said a sense of loyalty is the most important trait for deciding if a woman is relationship material. you will dump her if she is overweight. 72% of men say that they would not cheat on their partner. we posted the survey as well as the female equivalent fromcosmospolitan and we want to get your thoughts and hear from you. head to and go to the wmar facebook fan page and tell us what you think about theresults. charley is remaining kwai gleet coming up -- quiet. coming up, a plan to lower your property taxes. what mayoral candidate says is the best way to keep people in baltimore city and how he plans to cut property taxes in half in ten years.
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our elected leaders, will they be able to reach a deal on the debt ceiling. what happened last night that makes things questionable.
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welcome back. we are six days away to reach a deal on the debt ceiling. linda so is here with what's supposed to happen if the whole thing falls through. linda. >> reporter: well, in a few hours, house lawmakers were supposed to vote on the republican plan but that's not going to happen because the proposal doesn't cut deep enough. so first thing this morning back to the drawing board yet again for republicans to come up with an alternative plan. and now, the vote is expected to happen on thursday. the august 2nd deadline is standing when the government could defought on its bills than could have a trickle done effect in the form of higher interest rates on mortgages and credit card bills and car payments. >> to have a default would be a very serious event not just for the united states alone but for the global economy at large. >> reporter: so in just a few hours, lawmakers will be back
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at it nowhere close to reaching a deal. linda so, abc2 news. the head of baltimore fire academy has been reassigned according to the baltimore sun. this comes one week after an investigation into cheating at the academy. chief carter will head the -- will carter will head the recruiting department. an instructor handed students a scenario for a life saving practical exam. a 15-year-old girl pleads guilty in the shooting of a man last august. arteesha holt shot two men in the head after the first demanding cash and then they laughed at her. that shooting killed one and injured the other. she was 14 at the time. she will be sentenced on september 21st and faces between 15 and 50 years in prison. woman who robbed a bank to buy christmas presents for three children will spend a
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year in jail. she pleaded guilty to robbery and police say she put on a wig and passed a note to a teller at pnc bank. she walked out with nearly 3,000 dollars but was caught an hour later walking into a neighborhood near the bank. a jury con-- bank. a jury convicted a cardiologist with health fraud with inserting unnecessary health stent. he was convicted of health fraud and fraud. he will be sentenced in november. according to testimony, he performed cardiac catheterization and implanted unnecessary extents in more than 100 patients. news time 5:45. mayoral can day otis rolley wants to a cut taxes. he unveiled the plan and says wants to cut tax for everyone who owns a -- taxes for everyone who owns a home by 50% and wants to raise tax and fees
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on the boarded up places and says increased taxes would make up for the revenue lost by lowering the property tax. 5:45. o's hoping to keep the hot bats going. jj hardy two home runs and drove in 4. nolan what homer and double and lee four hits including a home run of his own. baltimore had 16 hits and helping jake pick up the 10th win of the season. it is powered by the sun inspired by the chesapeake bay and will be heading from college park to the national mall. right now, a team from the university of maryland is work on their home for the year's solar decathlon in dc. 20 teams are designing and building solar powered homes that are not only looking good but energy efficient. >> the butterfly pitch roof allows to us collect as much water as possible and allows us to put solar panels on one roof and green panel on one roof.
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>> the team isn college part is ready to compete. it kicks off september 23rd in the nation's capital. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> all right. normally on this date, temperatures should be in the 80s. we hit 95 yesterday. that was an improvement because of the drop of the humidity. today, we should be close to normal for one day before the surge comes back at us. 27th day of july we would expect 87 in the afternoon. split is 52 and the low end in 1962. 1940 in that heatwave, second day in a row in the record books with 101 on this date. 6:02 sunrise 8:24 sun sets and we are checking out the satellite radar composit. as cuke see, -- as you can see, not much action. the future radar holds us dry. there's high pressure in control and that is helping to drag down some of the winds out of the north. also retreating system or
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depardoning -- departing system taking the northerly wind dropping humidity. cloud free skies. watch the future radar here. a sign of the humidity coming back to clouds. and also some storms that could fire up across central virginia tomorrow afternoon. and while i think we will stay storm free we introduce more clouds and a sign of the heat and humidity on the way back. so it's just one day -- it's just a one-daybreak and we will look for a shower to fire up across the bay overnight. this is overnight thursday into friday morning. and beyond that, we are looking at just the heat and humidity. and that is what carries us on into the weekend. for today, though, the two degree gain hee tee high gets to us 89. that's close -- guarantee high gets us closer to 89. it will feel very comfortable. but, it's just for a day. overnight, we should settle back into the mid to upper 60s. this is the time when the urban heat island and the brick asphalt and whatnot from the buildings helps to hold in the heat. we will stay in the 70s
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downtown and by the bay. refreshing numbers will be outside of the beltway primarily. and check out the numbers as we take our way through the end of the week and into the weekend. it's important to note that at 95, a quick ramp back up on thursday comes with overnight lows in the 70s. there may be scattered showers. it will be quite humid. that 98 will feel like the mid- 100s once again. 105 to 110 range and we may talk about heat advisories being posted at the end of the week. overnight lows especially around the city holding near 80 through the weekend, mid-90s in the afternoon with scattered storms and we will drop it again by tuesday next week. >> reporter: i spoke too soon i jinxed myself. i am sorry. i will apologize now. 895 southbound at the harbor tunnel is shut down. from's a disabled vehicle in the tunnel -- there's a disabled vehicle in the tunnel. take fort mchenry or key bridge. they have to shut it down to get the disabled vehicle out of the way. so right now we have delays and
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backups 895 southbound at harbor tunnel. 95 southbound fine towards laurel. 795 from reisterstown no issues there. all lanes are open. charley. loved ones say bye to amy winehouse. >> how her death boosted record sales and put her music on the charts. with the death of osama bin laden, the risk of terror attacks has not gone awhat i. what the white house is saying about your safety this morning. you are watching "good morning maryland" and we will be right back. k9 advantix ii. not only kills fleas and ticks, it repels most ticks before they can attach
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the white house says the death of so sam -- osama bin laden has raced the risk of violence. americans should be aware of the possible terrorists threats. demonstration and the possibility of violence against americans that said al-qaeda and other groups are planning terrorist attacks. jury selection underway in the trial of warren jeffs but it has not been easy. more than 100 would be jurors said they knew too much to presume his innocence complicating the search for a impartial jury. dominique strauss-kahn's court case has been postponed asprosecutors continue the investigation. they agreed with the move and said they hope by then prosecutors will have decided to dismiss the case. training camp opens for the ravens. they are the first group of tenteams that could open camp and another 10 only tomorrow. there they can open 15 days before the first game which for the ravens is against
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philidelphia. amy winehow's album will enter at number 9 with 37,000 albums sold in the past week. she died of unknown causes at her home in london on saturday. new reaction this morning from maryland congressman elijah cummings calling for stricter gun laws. >> he says monitoring gun laws will help with the illegal trackingp weapons in mexico. what some used to get three people to safety. a taste of the space shuttle. what that is all about. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning. [ carrie ] i remember my very first year as a teacher,
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setting that goal to become a principal. but, i have to support my family, so how do i go back to school? university of phoenix made it doable. a lot of my instructors were principals in my district. i wouldn't be where i am without that degree. my name is dr. carrie buck. i helped turn an at-risk school into an award winning school, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." one person is injured after a morning fire in hampden and the baltimore city section. coming up, reaction from people who live nearby the fire. the trial begins today for an eastern shore woman accused of abusing 140 horses. i am linda so, how the who ares are done and how you can help. what's the problem with bge? a neighborhood says they are tired of throwing out food and leaving homes because of the continuous power outages. it's wednesday morning, the 27th of july. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. it was hot yesterday but could it get hotter? let's get the answer from
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meteorologist justin berk. >> it l we will push pause on the heat surge by today we have high hopes it could be the first time in a week and the last time for the next week that we stay below 90. doesn't that sound good? think about that for a moment. highs in the 80s where we belong. hopefully whoa stay that this afternoon. -- hopefully, we stay there this afternoon. the heat holding on around the bay. about a sign of the cool down north and west. wind are out of the north and that's what's helping to crop the humidity again after a dry but hot afternoon. we pull back on the temperatures. we stay dry. maryland's most powerful doppler radar is dry this morning and sunshine should hold us to 89 this afternoon. the heat will come back and we will talk those numbers in just a little bit. so white right now let's see -- right now let's see what's happening on roads with tanya. >> reporter: traffic is moving well at the key


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